ofset stampa

Offset Printing

The most common technique is suitable for printing on all types of paper, whether it comes to periodicals, which includes print magazines, publications, newsletters and annual reports... or accidental print which includes posters, flyers, brochures, packaging...

The production plant is equipped with modern machines for sheet-fed offset printing and graphics processing. That ensures that, along with the expertise and involvement of employees in the manufacturing sector, Grafolik can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in terms of print quality and deadlines.

Delivery to the desired address for our customers saves them time and money, shortening the time from ordering to delivery of finished product in a "turnkey" fashion.

Complete elimination of chemicals from the process of preparation and development of the printing form reflects on our environmental awareness. ISO Standard 14001:2005 came as a confirmation of our commitment to trends in the field of environmental sustainability.

digitalna stampa

Digital Printing

Since current business trends require faster pace of work the deadlines for making printed materials become shorter as well. Monitoring of technological development and introduction of new technologies in the printing process enables us to shorten the time needed for the preparation of printed products along with a cost reduction at the same time.

Whether it is small or large format, we are able to print small series in a very short time with the quality characteristics of offset printing at competitive prices.

Digital printing from rolls and sheets provides great opportunities when it comes to choosing the material on which to print. We could comfortably say that possibilities are limited only to thedesigner 's imagination and skill.

The most common application of digital printing from roll is branding exhibitions and fairs, printing on waterproof and UV stable materials for indoor and outdoor use, production of roll up banners, etc...

graficki dizajn

Graphic Design

Design of corporate materials has become a reflection of each company's reputation. Remember, it is not the product but the packaging label that sells.

In our modern interior design studio we have a pleasant working environment to create design solutions to customers' requirements, pre-press and consult with clients on each task.

Graphic design of logos, advertising materials, design and layout of books, magazines and brochures, scanning and photo editing and desktop publishing are just part of our service.

If you work on pre-press on your own, you need to fulfill certain criteria in order to prevent problems in the press, to comply with the deadlines and avoid additional, unplanned costs.